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Shoot the Dancing Bear!

Three disparate men converge for a strange discussion of pop culture and politics. Our hosts include a psychonaut therapist with an aim to explore the healing benefits of drugs, an anarchist philosophy professor equally influenced by Marx and prison, and an English teacher terrified by the universe but energized by marginalized literature and media alike. Topics will cover the range from popular to degraded culture.

Jan 24, 2020

To round out a month of incredible work ethic on our part, we relax with an almost two hour long conversation centering Alan Moore's seminal comic about averting nuclear war and its TV followup about white supremacy. Very chill stuff!

Jan 18, 2020

Continuing the series that began with Satanism, the gentlemen assemble to discuss an unusual, possibly schizophrenic, religion devoted to aliens, Raelism. Details of the religion and our world's fascination with new age faith are discussed through the usual dark lens. Shouts to Rael for the intro music. 

Jan 12, 2020

On a day where Jesse's allergies made him sound like his head was filled with mucus, Tim breaks down Trump's escalating tensions with Iran, plus a breakdown of the Democratic primary as it stands now. This is mostly a filler episode before we assault you with content over the next month. 

Jan 4, 2020

After watching the documentary "Hail Satan", the boys plus guest Jon Peloso discuss the merits/critiques of Satanism in a rambling episode that goes all over the place. Warning: There are some EDGY jokes, exercise caution, if you feel you may be offended.