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Shoot the Dancing Bear!

Three disparate men converge for a strange discussion of pop culture and politics. Our hosts include a psychonaut therapist with an aim to explore the healing benefits of drugs, an anarchist philosophy professor equally influenced by Marx and prison, and an English teacher terrified by the universe but energized by marginalized literature and media alike. Topics will cover the range from popular to degraded culture.

Dec 9, 2019

Jesse and special guest Seth Alt lead a discussion of bonkers new post-apocalyptic FedEx delivery video game Death Stranding, while Gabe and Tim ask some questions. We talk about collectivism, Lacan, sex, and of course, death in relation to the game. 

Nov 26, 2019

Generational warfare, just in time to stoke your feelings about a certain other generation! Eventually we drift to Joe Biden, and a discussion of civility in politics, and Obama's recent public appearances. 

Nov 13, 2019

Bong Joon-Ho's anti-capitalist film Parasite gets a quick review this week, and segues us nicely into the primary aim of this episode: a brief survey of Foucault's concept of Biopolitics! 

Oct 28, 2019

In an expansive and exhaustive discussion of one of our favorite films of the year, we run down religion, sexuality, labor and mythology in the movie masterpiece, Robert Eggers' the Lighthouse. So bid our father the Sea King rise from the depths, full foul in his fury and listen to this insane episode. 

Oct 17, 2019

The whole gang is back to deconstruct the sorry state of our discourse through several examples barely still relevant. Is the Joker film going to cause you to become a Men's Rights Activist? Does Ellen dab with war criminals often? Is Trump's twitter account outsider art? (Yes.)